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Craig Kelly and Tony doctor home loan australia	Oak Laurel Abbott He said linking migration to housing affordability and energy supply would put pressure on the states to do more to fix the current problems. Asked whether he supported a return by Abbott to the leadership, given his endorsement of the manifesto laid out on Thursday night, Kelly said Turnbull had delivered an absolutely stellar performance during the last parliamentary fortnight. But he said the political times were challenging for whomever held the prime ministership when a government was intent on pursuing necessary policies, such as returning the budget to balance. It doesnt matter who the prime minister is, Kelly said. He said it was much better for the government if colleagues focussed on policy debates rather than personalities. Destructive personality debates, he said, only boosted Labors political fortunes. Senior figures inside the government on Friday told Guardian Australia Tony Abbott had no viable path back to the party leadership, and his voluble interventions had only eroded his internal support. While some party figures readily acknowledge ongoing internal problems such as friction between the prime minister and his treasurer, Scott Morrison, and chest bumps and periodic ill-discipline such as a slip this week from the immigration minister, Peter Dutton, over the US refugee deal which led to him being rebuked by the foreign minister Julie Bishop several sources say the key conservative players remain steadfastly behind Turnbull. One senior government figure characterised Abbotts current outlook doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 caustically as: zero partyroom support.